Jaisalmer sightseeing adventure includes places to visit in 2024. The best luxury desert camp in Jaisalmer can give you the base from where you can organize your whirlwind tour of this golden city. The town and its environs are steeped in history. There are quaint and charming traditions that leave an imprint in the mind long after the touring is done. There are several places so you will have to decide your priorities as to which jewel deserves your attention first.

Fort Palace Museum  

Tall and erect over the fort's main square, and built-in part atop the Hawa Pol, the fourth fort gate, rests a seven-story palace. The highlights you shall encounter would be the mirrored, painted Rang Mahal (sleeping quarters of Mulraj the Second, the 18th-century ruler), finely crafted 15th-century sculptures gifted to the rulers by the builders of the temples in the fort, and the breathtaking 360-degree view from the rooftop.

A room has an interesting philately display from the former Rajput states. On the palace's eastern wall is a sculpted pavilion-style balcony. Whenever the fort was besieged, the drummers raised alarm here. There are diverse round rocks piled atop the battlements, poised to roll down on advancing enemy forces. The palace is available to the public in several areas. You can visit floor upon floor of small rooms giving an intriguing sense of how such buildings were intentionally designed with an explicit view to spy on the world outside. The doorways in the palace connecting the rooms are very low. This was to compel people to stoop so that they were in a humble position before the Maharawal (if they were in that room at the moment visitors entered).

From the Raja-ka-Mahal, you now move to the Rani-ka-Mahal. The latter has a section on Jaisalmer's yearly Gangaur processions in the Spring. The 90-minute audio guide tour - available in 6 languages - is paid for by the entry fee. However, you will have to leave a Rs 2000 deposit, or your passport, or driver's license at the entrance.

Jaisalmer Fort 

The fort of Jaisalmer is a living urban center. It is honeycombed with narrow alleys, lined on both sides with temples and houses. There are many guesthouses, shops, and restaurants. Entering the fort from the east, near Gopa Chowk, you pass through four heavy gates on a meandering route to the upper section. The final gate opens into the square that forms the center of the fort, Dussehra Chowk.

Jain temples 

Inside the fort walls is a labyrinthine but interconnected treasure trail consisting of seven gorgeous yellow sandstone temples, harking back to the 15th and 16th centuries. The intricate, delicate carving work has few rivals. The stone is soft and warm.


Chandraprabhu is the first temple you arrive at, and here you will find the ticket stand. The temple is dedicated to the eighth tirthankar, whose symbol is the moon. Built in 1509, the temple features fine sculpture in the mandapa (temple forechamber), whose remarkably crafted pillars form the toranas or architraves. The Rikhabdev temple is situated to the right of Chandraprabhu. The temple has fine sculptures around the walls, and pillars show apsaras.

Behind Chandraprabhu you find Parasnath, and you enter the same through an exquisitely carved torana, an image of the Tirthankar at its apex. With a door to the south, you are inside Shitalnath, dedicated to the tenth tirthankar, whose image is made up of 8 precious metals. A northern wall door has you in the mesmerizing, calming chamber of Sambhavanth. In the front courtyard of this temple, priests ground sandalwood in mortars. With steps, you go down into the Gyan Bhandar, an intriguing library established in 1500, housing invaluable illustrated manuscripts. Shantinath and Kunthunath, the remaining two temples, feature sensual carving and were erected in 1536. Worshippers are welcomed throughout the day.



The five centuries-old havelis once was the property of Brahmins advising the Maharajah. Now, there's an interesting museum on several levels. The museum has on display a veritable panorama of life in the Fort. All manner of artifacts are laid out, related anywhere from clothing to cooking.

Sam sand dunes 

The silky Sam dunes are counted among the most popular excursions from the town. These are situated 41 km from the town and are reachable via a sealed road. The dunes are close to a couple of kilometers in length. There's a good reason the best luxury desert camp in Jaisalmer is situated near Sam sand dunes. Camel safaris from resorts in these dunes are the stuff of legend. There's a full carnival-like commotion atmosphere here from late afternoon till the following morning.


No one offers you a Jaisalmer sightseeing adventure and the places to visit in 2024 like the best luxury desert camp. You have all the necessary amenities that guarantee a well-organized, even restful experience. The camp has the sightseeing so organized that you will never feel rushed. Draw up your schedule of the touring with your knowledgeable camp guide! You really can pack in a lot of adventure inside of a week. The winter months are the best, followed by rainy July and August.

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