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Exploring Rajasthan: 7 Unique Experiences you can only have here!

Rajasthan is the land of vibrant colors, rich historic culture, palaces, and, of course, the Thar desert. The latter also provides a beautiful stay in Jaisalmer Desert Camp", an experience you can only get in Rajasthan. There are more such beautiful and off-beat experiences in Rajasthan, which you should undoubtedly try. For instance, going on a camel safari in Jaisalmer or riding a hot air balloon in Pushkar is something you should definitely try. Sure, see the forts and palaces, but Rajasthan has so many unique experiences that it would be a crime not to experience them once in your lifetime.

Rajasthan is known for giving tourists every kind of experience they want. Whether it's indulging in delicious food or going on a ghost-hunting trip, you can do everything here. So, let’s dig deep into Rajasthan’s history to find out the best experiences one can have here.

7 Unique Experiences one can only have in Rajasthan

Staying in a Jaisalmer Desert Camp

One of the most unique experiences in Rajasthan you get is staying in a desert camp amidst the Thar desert. There are many desert camps in Jaisalmer. Choose one according to your budget and preferences. Staying in a camp surrounded by sand all around is a unique experience. Moreover, every camp has activities and experiences you can enjoy, like having a romantic dinner in the desert or eating authentic Rajasthani food around a bonfire.

Go host hunting in Rajasthan.

Are you into haunted stories? Then, visiting Rajasthan should be on your bucket list because Rajasthan has many palaces and forts that are filled with unknown stories and mysteries. In Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and even Jaipur, you will find places that are known for being haunted. And you can go there during the day and experience the place. The first haunted place you can visit is Kuldhara village in Jaisalmer, near the best desert camp in Sand Sand Dunes. People say it is a cursed village, and anyone who enters here feels an errieness in the air. You cannot stay here after 6 p.m. as there is no one but abandoned buildings and temples.

The second haunted place to visit is undoubtedly Bhangarh ruins. It was a royal residence, full of happy people. But it is not completely in ruins, and people say it was cursed by a wizard. People say you can hear women screaming and other strange noises in the ruins of Bhangarh. So, if you are brave enough for this experience, do go here. Moreover, there is Mehendipur K Balaji temple, which is known for removing evil souls from the bodies of people apart from taking blessings from God.

Jeep and Camel Safari in Jaisalmer

Do you want to experience the Thar desert uniquely? Then, you must go on either a jeep safari or camel safari in Jaisalmer . It comes with a package for the camp you are staying at. Or you can book a ride. Riding the thrilling jeep along the dunes is a mesmerizing experience. It exposes you to the flora and fauna of Jaisalmer, which is beyond exotic. Moreover, if you book an evening camel safari, riding the ‘ship of the desert’ as the sun dips below the horizon is an experience of a lifetime. The beautiful sunset in the desert is a must-watch for all.

Zip-lining from the largest fort

Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur is one of the largest forts in the entire country. It is located on top of a vertical cliff, from where you can zip-line across. It is one of the most adventurous experiences you will ever have. Here, you have the option to enjoy six zip lines that are 300 meters tall in length. Riders not only enjoy the thrill, but the experience of watching the impressive and panoramic view of the city, two desert lakes, and the fort is worth it. Neemrana Fort along the Jaipur-Delhi highway is also ideal for zip-lining.


Enjoy a hot-air balloon ride in Rajasthan.

A hot-air balloon ride is an incredible experience, showing you the beauty of the desert cities and other towns in Jaipur. There are many places in Rajasthan where you can go for a hot-air balloon ride. One is Jaisalmer, which offers you a beautiful view of the Jaisalmer Fort and the desert. The other is Jaipur, where you can view the Amber Fort in detail from 4000 feet high, lastly, Pushkar also offers reasonable hot air balloon rides.

Desert Trekking

Rajasthan also has trekking trails, and each one is unique and gorgeous in its own right. The most popular one is in Mount Abu, a hill station in Rajasthan with beautiful views of the forest, lakes, and mountains. The trekking trail here is easy to moderate. For more seasoned trekkers, the Mewar circuit is the best; it is an eight-hour-long trek. It is daunting, but the sights you see along the way, like palaces, mighty forts, and natural beauty, are undoubtedly the best.

Witnessing the magic of the stars at night

Another thing that you will experience only in Rajasthan is witnessing the open sea in the desert and watching the skies. The best desert camp in Sam Sand Dunes, which you book, offers you the opportunity to lie beside your camp or tent and watch the skies. The night sky offers a beautiful view of the constellations and the Milky Way. It is an experience worth the time and money.


Rajasthan is a beautiful state, with numerous cities and towns offering experiences rich in culture, history, and natural beauty. These unparalleled experiences will stay with you for a lifetime, whether that is staying in the Jaisalmer desert camp, enjoying a camel safari, stargazing, or watching cultural dancing. Or go ghost hunting here in Bhangarh or Kuldhara village; again, the best desert camp in Sam Sand Dunes will take you there. So, it is time to plan a trip to Rajasthan and enjoy being in an enchanting state—something you experience only once.

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